About Sunayna

51 Stories of US is an attempt to collect and showcase 51 stories of people staying in the United States or in Canada but originating from the Indian Subcontinent (Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives and of course India.) This anthology is an attempt to collect unique and unexpected experiences and present it to our well wishers back home and offer it as AN UNOFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK TO LIVING IN THE US.


Submission Guidelines:

  1. Simultaneous submissions are allowed but please mention so in the email. 

  2. Previously published stories may be considered. Please mention the place it was published and link it in the e-mail

  3. Multiple entries welcome up to 3.

  4. No submission fees.


Story Guidelines

  1. The story should be about a special and specific experience (good or bad or funny)

  2. ​Story should preferably be in first person.

  3. It should be in the form of a story and the story must be original and true and yours.

  4. Stories that instill hope, peace or inspiration in others have a sure short chance of selection. 

  5. Write from the heart and hope you enjoy the process.

Word limit - 600 to 1200 words.

Deadline - Until full.

Payment - Each contributor will be given $50 for their accepted story (when the sales cross 500 copies) and/or royalties.

Rights - All rights return to the author 3 years after publication.

How to Submit 

  1. Submit the story via email in the body or as an attachment to 51storiesofus at gmail (dot) com

  2. Please send a short Bio written in third person.

  3. Please share your social media links (Facebook, twitter etc)

Possible stories could be

  1. Struggle or some funny incident with the VISA

  2. How was the first day in the US?

  3. What did you expect from the USA and what did you get?

  4. Is there something you wish you knew before coming to the US?

  5. What are you grateful for your life here?

  6. What have you learned here?

  7. Some experience that could be horrible if you weren't in the USA

  8. Most embarrassing day in the USA

  9. Most helpful tip or advice for someone coming to the USA.

  10. Most helpful tip or advice you got before coming to the USA

  11. Some unexpected deceit?

  12. Any interesting steps taken to cure boredom or loneliness?

  13. How expensive you thought things would be but bringing from India was more expensive

  14. Something small but significant like - How efficient 911 was or how nothing gets stolen

Stories that instill hope, peace or inspiration in readers in Indian subcontinent and in U.S./Canada have a sure short chance of selection.

Happy Writing!

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