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General FAQ's

1. What is the level of accuracy of handwriting analysis?

Handwriting analysis, done by trained graphologists, has been found to be very accurate in judging a person's traits and characteristics. There are, of course, times when some people say that he/she does not have that trait. However, once they have had some time to reflect over the analysis, more often than not, they realize that they actually possess that trait. I sometimes get calls after 3-4 days when they realize that the characteristic is correct. I had once told an individual that he didn’t like going in narrow places; tiny shops etc He thought about it for a few seconds but didn’t respond, later, he said that he didn’t think it was correct. Then after a few days he called me out of the blue to tell me that I was correct; he is very uncomfortable of traveling in lifts. He prefers the stairs.

2. Why do you conduct analysis in parks and not offices?

The environment or the energy near trees is very beneficial. Trees give the energy to be calm, introspect and realize. The beauty of the trees helps an individual find beauty of self. It is not that I don’t take an analysis session in offices. In case of emergency or depending on the location I conduct sessions in offices as well, but I ensure that I burn a candle.

3. My handwriting keeps changing…what does that mean or how will you analyze?

I think 9 out of 10 people I meet ask me this question. : )

Handwriting is an image of your sub conscious mind. Traits are constant and variable. Our writing samples provide a visual history of the development of our lives emotionally, physically and mentally. So, when one writes for 3 pages, along with the drawing and signature analysis, I get a complete picture of the individual with both the characteristics and am able to analyze both.

4. Can handwriting analysis reveal the future?


5. Why do you need 3 pages written?

To give you a complete handright analysis (TM) : )

6. I don’t write much. In fact I have not written after college. Will this affect my analysis?

No, it will not affect the analysis. This is an oft expressed apprehension; you are not the only one who faces this. With the advent of technology, writing has indeed become less commonplace. But, believe me, how your handwriting evolves does not really depend upon how much you write, but is rather a reflection of how you evolve as a person. How much or how regularly you write will not affect the analysis.


7. Can the handwriting analysis reveal medical problems?

Yes to an extent. This is probably the only place where handwriting can talk about the future. Your handwriting can reveal if you have or will have some medical problems.

8. Can you tell what kind of profession one is in from his/her handwriting?

Not really. I can analyze if the individual is artistic or not but I can’t say with conformity that the individual is an artist. Likewise, if the position is for sales, I can analyze if the individual is or has the potential to be a good salesman and that is how it works.

9. In your years of doing handwriting analysis what have you found that people mostly want to know?

Most people are looking for clarity or words to understand themselves. They find these words through me. Also we are all looking for some assurance of our worth. By revealing evidences through their handwriting, I help them to realize their own strength and potential, which improves the way in which they perceive everything.

A complete stranger, who didn’t even know your complete name before seeing your signature, analyses it and tells you that you are extremely creative without knowing that you are an artist makes you feel stronger and encourage you to take on greater challenges so that you can fulfill your potential.

 10. What can one NOT tell from handwriting analysis?

It cannot identify age, gender, race, religion, whether a person is right- or left-handed, or the future.

11. Why is my signature different than how I write everything else?

What this question means is that the handwriting may be always clear and neat but it is difficult to understand even a single word in sign. This is so because the signature is a badge to the world. It is a representation of what a person wants the world to see about himself. A signature that is different from the rest of his writing says he does not want to reveal everything about himself. There may be some aspect of his personality that he wants to hide, so he creates a new "person" by creating a signature with a different look.

FAQ's by students 

1. Can handwriting analysis help me choose my career?

Of course! It helps you create a complete swot analysis of yourself and then utilize them to your best.

2. How does attaching a handwriting analysis with my bio-data help me?

When you tell the HR that you are hardworking, they might not believe you as most employees would say such things to get the job. If you attach a certified analysis  instead, it shows that you self confidence and maturity to accept who you are and deal with it.

FAQ's by couples

1. Can the potential for violence be seen in handwriting? 

Yes, handwriting can reveal if there are such tendencies and also the degree.

2. Is it possible to tell from handwriting if my partner is cheating on me? 

The plain and simple answer is - no.  Handwriting reveals a propensity for a particular type of behaviour or lifestyle but you won’t be able to see evidence of specific actions in the handwriting.  On the other hand, if for example, your partner is a restless person with a high libido you will be able to see this in his or her handwriting; but even then you won’t know the specifics of how it acts out in the person’s life.  


3. Can the level of maturity or trustworthiness be determined by handwriting analysis?


4. Why do we need to do an in-depth analysis?

Your signature reveals only the tip of you. Your true identity is not revealed in the signature, hence we need to understand why are you the way you are and then work from there. It is like Homeopathy and Allopathy. Allopathy attacks the current problem and Homeopathy goes to the root.

5. It is not easy to change signs in case of home loans and EMI documents. So what can be done?

Yes, one needs to be patient. Try maintaining only one signature as much as possible. Due to time or space constraints or for whatever matter if you have to sign initials, or continue with your past sign, be conscious of it. Also, ensure that the the longer proper sign needs to be the common and most important sign

6. How soon can I see results?

I have seen results in 2 weeks though it takes normally 4 to 6 months for the total effect to take place. It depends on the individual. One needs to be honest with oneself and accept the situation to see effective results

FAQ's by Recruiters.

1. Why do you conduct analysis in parks and not offices? 

The environment or the energy near trees is very beneficial. Trees give the energy to be calm, introspect and realize. The beauty of the trees helps an individual find beauty of self.It is not that I don’t take an analysis session in offices. In case of emergency or depending on the location I conduct sessions in offices as well, but I ensure that I burn a candle.

1. What competitive advantage does graphology give to a commercial organization?

It is an invaluable aid to the Human Resource Department. It's the people running the commercial organization that determines the success or failure of an organization. It is especially important for personnel in key appointments. To get the right person with the right 'mix' of knowledge and personality attribute for the right job is crucial to the success of the organization.  Graphology will be of great help in this area. 

2. It might not be possible to make every employee write 3 pages. We don’t want the employee to know that his handwriting is being analyzed.

Yes, I understand this. It might not be easy to get an employee to write 3 pages but when it comes to analysis for recruitment, we don’t need to get a complete personal analysis of an individual. The company does not need to know how intelligent his mother is or how romantic he can be. 3 pages are needed for an analysis at a very personal and deep level.

3. What if our employees don’t know how to write?

 I can also conduct analysis in regional languages. There are analysis sessions held in manufacturing companies where some employees don’t know how to write in English or any other language. I conduct drawing analysis for them and/or signature analysis.

4. Why don’t you mention the name of companies that take your service?

Some companies like to keep it confidential as they wouldn’t like the probable candidates knowing that their handwriting will be analyzed. Employees could forge or make someone else write for them. Spontaneity and confidentiality works best to get an accurate analysis.

5. Can handwriting analysis disclose what an individual is really passionate about?


6. How is it used as a tool to determine whom to promote

The employees who are in line for promotion can be asked to write an essay on why they deserve the promotion. This helps in 2 ways

  • They will be caught if they are lying in the essay

  •  In depth analysis of the essay will reveal other factors such as leadership, health issues, ability to work hard, ability to manage teams etc.


If you have further questions, please mail them to me. I will add them here for the benefit of all.

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