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Few days in heaven


Six months pregnant

and budding with joy

I packed for my trip

I had heard about the weather

warmer than my town in CT

and busier too I assumed


It was going to be the last trip

We would stay warm indoors

till the baby came

Cherries wouldn't blossom in November

and that was okay

I would visit the Smithsonian instead

Hubby attended his seminar

and I went exploring

the art and the beauty

Independent and loving it

I sat on top of the bus

and somehow felt like in Mumbai.

The discovery space shuttle

made me feel so small

and unaware of so many facts

Picaso and Vinci greeted me at the NGA

and other work left me spell bound

and enticed me to visit more

Though I was physically tired

my heart wanted more

and I went to the Museum of American History

the wedding dress made of parachute

melted my heart and felt more precious

than the dresses of the first ladies

I breathed in the oxygen at the botanical conservatory

and my baby kicked in delight

looking at the lush greens

Nothing beat the experience of watching a deer

who came to eat after hours in the zoo

not even Bei Bei, well it was a tie

Took time to recover

but it was worth every minute

my few days in Heaven


Originally published here.

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