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In April 2017, Shaun M Jooste, a writer from Cape Town, South Africa, applied to Guinness World Records to officially attempt to break the existing record of 50 contributing writers in an anthology of short stories. 

CEP accepted submissions from writers all over the world – SOUTH AFRICA, UNITED KINGDOM, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, HUNGARY, NIGERIA, MEXICO, SWITZERLAND. The official book was launched in launched on 17th March 2018. 

My story "The love story of my Ma and Baba" is about Dr. Pal, A renowned prof of India (who was born in a humble village) is to receive a Padma Shri award. His speech and the story disclose the love and sacrifice made by his wife to help him achieve this top position. This story is inspired by my real life and I hope for the ending to be alike. 

There is currently a giveaway competition. Details here

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