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Events and Readings

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Poetry for The Maryland Bards

I read the poem, "Be Un" at the book launch of The Maryland Bards. 

New Year reading of 2020

I ended the year 2020 with the best poetry reading I've had so far. This was arranged by the Burlington Writers Group. The readings were dedicated to the year 2020 and the special people in it.

Reading for The Pensive

A short poem "The concierge at the Hyatt" read for "The Pensive" 

Reading for The Windward Review

A short poem "Pareidolia or not" published and read for "The Windward Review." 

Reading for SAPNE - South Asian Poets of New England

I recited my poem "Forgive me", where I ask for forgiveness for all the things we all do - big and small. In the end, I ask for the final forgiveness - for not forgiving myself.

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