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Events and Readings

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* Read a poem for International night at Rockville, March 23

* Read a poem at Poetry Super Highway's January and March 23

* Showcased my poems at Planet Poetry 28, Nov 22

* A solo poetry showcase, Oct 22

* Honored to read for Kitab Khana, Oct 22 

* Read "Be Un" at the book launch of The Maryland Bards

* New Year reading of 2020 arranged by the Burlington Writers Group. The readings were dedicated to the year 2020 and the special people in it.

* A short story "The concierge at the Hyatt" for The Pensive.


* A short poem "Pareidolia or not" published and read for The Windward Review.


* Short poem, 'Forgive me' for SAPNE - South Asian Poets of New England

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