A letter to Mumbai

Mumbai, Mumbai meri Jaan, You are the only home I have ever known. I was born and brought and I have never been away from you for more than 21 days. For the first time, It will be 3 years soon and I can't tell you how much I miss you. Your footpaths - they were never meant for walking but for the mouth-watering food - Vada Pao and Pani puri. I always crave for these, especially during my pregnancy. It was a very difficult one for me as Sou tried to make these things for me but never got the taste right..and how can I mention the footpath and not mention the small stalls of beautiful clothes, dazzling earrings, chic sandals and whatnot? Bargaining on your streets was my favorite recreation - I still dream of it and miss it. I also miss the rickshaws. Never have I experienced the affordable-ease-comfort and flexibility of traveling in the US. I know the drivers are picky and say 'no' but imagine a city without rickshaws and the fast and affordable local train. Imagine a place without maids.

And I miss the rains. Every time it rains in the US, I compare it to you. There have been 2 Mumbai-style rains in DC and I have loved it. Even though I was tired, I made bhajjis and we had it with tea.

The festival season is midway and I so wish I could be there and visit the lovely Ganapti pandals or play garba. Though I can burst crackers here but it isn't the same fun as it is with family. How can I forget the sea by the rocks and the careless times I have spent with my friends. Planning our life there, I had never imagined I would be so far away. Mumbai - You are an emotion. You are a phoenix - Unbreakable and Un-destroyable is your lovely spirit. Thank you for making me what I am. I never waste time and I never give up. You are and always will be my first home. People ask me why I don't come back to you if I miss you so much and I ask myself the same question often. There are some things I don't miss about you though, Mumbai - Not that those things aren't here but I am afraid I have started forgetting you and the way to live in Mumbai. I have accepted my life here and it isn't very bad. I still miss you meri Jaan and want to visit you and shop and eat but now I like my life here and my friends too. Please make the Universe work something out so I can visit you this year. Please.

#Missinghome #missingmumbai #life

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