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A letter to my family back home

So, A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who prayed to make me to be in Mumbai. It sounds like a dream come true and it was. A big thank you to everyone who made time to meet me as well. This trip couldn't be better but there is something I have to say to my family back home.

Thank you for your regular calls that help me stay connected but please - when you call - Don't ask me this one question - When are you coming to India? Living away from family has its own challenges and when you ask me about visiting - It touches a soft nerve and the purpose of the call gets lost. I feel each call connects me to you and gently helps and supports my stay here but if you ask me about coming home - It doesn't help. It adds to the conflict and makes me yearn for home more. Instead, why don't you tell me to be happy where I am. or take good care of myself. or pray for us to meet soon or ... figure something that makes it easier for me to stay here.

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