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Question about choice.

My hubby needs 5 hours of sleep. I on the other hand, can't function without 6 and need 7 to wake up in a very good mood. Hubby wakes up tries to be quiet but there are times when the light bothers me. Sometimes the sudden noise of gurgling water from the flush over the still of the night wakes me up and ...

Yesterday, I slept for six and half hours but my sleep was disturbed once and I got up a little cranky.

Today, being a Saturday, I slept for around 7 hours and my sleep was disturbed once but I got up fresh.

Both the situations are very similar. This brings me to the point of this post. Why was I not cranky today?

I have been wondering what causes this change in my mood. Is the choice mine? Am I in some way choosing to get cranky or not? What can I do to continue to choose the feeling which is not cranky? Have you been in a similar situation? Do you have any hints for me? Do you always wake up fresh?

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