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MondayMuse - Pitter patter rain drops

I have been planning on MondayMuse for a long time. I am glad I finally found the time to start it. This blogpost is an edited version from my old blog - 10 years ago.

There is something about water falling from the sky

It gives me a high!

Be it rain or waterfall from a mountain, nature is so beautiful. Can u imagine no rains? I can't!

I was sitting in my balcony (also my study) and preparing my schedule for killing the CAT. I was very tensed as things were not falling in the place I wanted them to.... and it started raining - heavy torrential rains and the pitter patter of the rain on my tin roof did something to me which can't be defined in words but somehow my tension got washed away.

This reminded me for a incident. I was in Sajan resort on outbound training. I stood beneath the waterfall and the heavy gush of water on my head had a magical effect too. I could barely hear anything and it felt like someone was giving me a massage. It felt beautiful and cleansed my soul.

Spring showers have started here and I know Mumbai heats will call the rains sooner. Hope you get to enjoy time in nature. I wish there was a holiday every month where it was a compulsion to go out and spend time in nature. Maybe it could help reduce pollution too but anyway. Hope you get time to be close to Nature.

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