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On Judging

"Airplane" squealed my toddler as he pointed to the plane in the sky. Winter is finally waning and we were both happy to be outside. "Yes! The airplane" I confirmed and we walked towards the park.

By the time we reached the park, another airplane roared by and he gleefully pointed it out too. Only, what he said brought me to realize something and hence this post.

He said, "same-same airplane." I corrected "Second airplane." He said "same-same second airplane."

I corrected "Different - second - airplane"

I left it there as I have learned better and he did his calculations.

As he climbed the fire truck and drove me to the office, I thought - Many things look alike when they are far. Probably it is normal and natural to feel that. It is only that we go close do we realize the differences. Similarly, prejudices or racism isn't logical. When two siblings aren't alike, how can a group of people be alike? How can all the men be similar or women be similar. How?

Judge someone Only by actions And not by words.

Judge, only after U have had a discussion With that person.

Judge, actually only if you must. Or, just try love.

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