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What are we rushing for?

This week's Monday muse got a little delayed as I was in New Jersey to celebrate Heartfulness day. It was wonderful experience and I am so happy I could go there.

About the post. 10 years back , I was at my aunt's place helping her find some pics which now, I have absolutely no memory but she wanted to show them to some relatives.

After the slide show got over, I got my incentive. My aunt had made dhokla and Tang for everyone. The minute I got it - I finished eating it in 4-5 mins and I realized that I was the first one to do so. Everyone else had more than half of the food served, left on their plate.

It struck me like a bolt of lightning. Why am I always in a hurry? Why can't I eat slowly. I had nothing to do for the remaining time that they were eating. What is the gain in eating quick? I don't even remember enjoying it.

It has been 10 years to this incident and I actually remember feeling this. I mostly eat slowly except if I am tired or really hungry or both. If I have learnt something from my son it is to chew slowly. Feeding him can be a frustrating and learning experience. Now, mostly, I try to eat in a way that I chew my food slowly like him.

Hope this inspires you to sit and eat and enjoy your food.

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