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Mountain or a ...?

My toddler and I were walking to the nearby park. If you have walked with me, you know I love taking shortcuts. So, instead of taking the long paved road, Satu and I went over the small stretch of elevated land or as Satu calls it - "Mountain."

I find it amusing but as I sat on the fire truck and he drove me to the library (thankfully, and not to his dad's office) my thoughts wandered. Mountain! For him this small elevation is a mountain. But then, of course it is for him. He is approximately 1/3rd of me in size and age - lets not go there but he is very young. So yes, this qualifies as a mountain.

Now, similarly, something that might look easy to you (because of your experience or skill set) might not be easy to someone who has never tried it.

We are all learners. All of us are learning and improving and moving towards perfection. I hope I always remember this and can always be gentle and kind and soft spoken. How lovely would this world be if everyone always was.

This image sums it all up. <3 Have a lovely weekend. <3

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