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Monday Muse - Educational lesson from a drop of water.

A drop of water can be educational. I am sure that you must have seen a drop of water trickle down.

There are some who go straight down and then there are some that go zigzag. Sometimes they stop and sometimes they get help from a drop from above. As far as I can understand, both have the same gravitational pull. What could be the reason for this variation? Why does one go directly down while the other one wanders here and there. Isn’t there something to learn from this?

There are so many of us who know what they have to do and they just go and do it.

Whereas there are some who just go with the wind, experiment and ... I am not exactly sure but I know both reach the destination sooner and later. I just hope both stay calm and enjoy the process. <3 Have a lovely and productive week <3

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