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Monday Muse - Living in the now

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it’s called the Present

Most, or actually all of the spiritual guru’s or teachers or success mantra’s say that one should live in the present. I have read this a zillion times that since yesterday is gone, there is no point thinking about it. Forget it and live only in today and as the future is not certain, there is no point worrying about what could happen, so stop thinking about the future and live only in the Now.

But what is NOW? Is the term relative? Now is when you are reading this… this…this….this…..this….

You get the point :)

Can now be today? No, because then if it is evening now, you can’t say morning was now, or for that matter that morning is present, coz it has become your past, similarly you can’t say that night is now even though it is the same today’s night we are talking about the future. So let’s say that we have established, that now is the current now, right this second, when you are reading this probably sitting at home or sneaking a peek from office.

Alright so if now is now, like I wrote up there in the past, some few minute’s back then how do I live in it?

“Now” becomes too short for me or I guess everyone else to live in then, doesn’t it?

How exactly is one supposed to live in the now? The past is comfortable; the past defines and directs what we are doing now. The past is the reason we are here.

Having said that, “now” becomes extremely important if you want to live and see the future. The way you want the future to develop determines your NOW.

I don’t see why people undermine the past and the future. Now is so short lived. So guess we should be living in such a way that we hold all the learnings of our past and all our plans for the future with you while you live now.


This is what I wrote 10 years back. In the last few years, I have understood that living in the NOW means to do a task with full concentration and without any thoughts of past or future bothering me.

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