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Holding on to something

If you have read my blog, you know that I have a toddler. Well, this post is about my learning from him, AGAIN.

So, he is 27 months now and he loves to hop and jump. I, as an understanding but also a protective mother told him that he might fall down if he didn't hold on to something.

"Hold on?"

"Yes. hold something that will prevent you from falling."


After that, mostly, he holds on to the window sill while jumping. Mostly he jumps and hops on the carpet and doesn't have to hold on but while he is on the playground or .. somewhere high - He holds on to something. Probably his instincts guide him.

I am learning to hold on to my faith stronger to prevent me from falling.

Are you holding on to something to prevent you from falling?

Hope He never lets you fall.

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