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Learnings after staying away from FB

I stayed away from FB for a few days and here is what I learnt.

It started with my health but then I was tempted to continue being away. Thank you for your good wishes and concern. I will be monitored every 6 months and hopefully all is well now. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.

Staying away from FB was easy when I was unwell. When I was well and the phone was back in my hand - I was tempted but I decided to take a break for few days.

Here are few things I experienced.

* Fb has percolated every aspect of our lives. There was an Imagination event for kids that we planned to go in Bethesda on Saturday. The website didn't show anything but their FB and Twitter pages showed that the event was cancelled because of the unexpected rains.

*Similarly, I planned to go strawberry picking and was directed to FB to know of the updates.

* I got published in a few places and most of them tagged me on FB. FB is the easiest and fastest place to inform, AGAIN.

* I might have missed on few birthdays :( Sorry about that.

* We have an event planned for meditation on Sunday and I suggested to make a FB event as it is open for all and not just practicing meditators. I was stumped as I said it, because that meant I had to break my hiatus off FB.

* "The Heartfulness way" book is launched and I wanted to see the live event. Guess where it was available? FB again.

What I realized is that as long as we don't just scroll aimlessly on FB, I think we are fine. It is for each to judge and analyze for themselves. Being or not being on FB is your choice. Hope you are using the choice wisely. Thank you, again for your prayers. Hope we all make wise decisions and use our time smartly.

I updated my blog and my poem and stories page with the latest publications. Enjoy !!! I also have a new subscribe page. If you haven't already, please do remember to subscribe for latest blog posts unless you are active on FB and will get to see it there. <3

Hope you have a productive month of June. See you Monday

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