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Desires are just like trailers

Somehow in the past few weeks, Fridays have become family movie nights in my 3 ppl family. After dinner, we all park opposite the small screen and watch a movie. A new movie released some time back - Hope aur hum. It was on my wish list for a long time. I showed the trailer to my hubby and he agreed that it would make a good family movie.

Life is a funny thing... Though I really wanted to watch it some other interesting movie got preference and .... Hope aur hum got post-poned. This just increased our appetite for the movie.

Last Friday, we finally sat down for the movie. This isn't a movie review. I am a very understanding and forgiving audience ... No actually I am a fan of movies but the movie didn't keep up to our expectations. It could have been a better movie as the story and concept was good. I was a little disappointed at the end and told my hubby, "The trailer was so nice"

"Yeah. Trailers are always so nicely made."

Aah. That got me thinking. Our desires are like trailers. We think we need something and go after it. We overlook the problems that could come with it. When we get to the actual movie.... Sometimes it is beyond our expectation but mostly ....

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