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Nature barely needs you. (Monday muse)

We had a small vessel full of water kept on our window sill for our feathered friends. It had a green layer on the bottom. My mom never cleaned it. I normally refill the water when I water my plants. Recently I thought of cleaning it wondering if the water is fit for the bird’s consumption.

I was afraid that birds would not come to drink if they found a new smell. I thought of taking my chances, at least I wouldn’t worry or wonder about it. I cleaned the vessel, filled it with water and ... got busy with life for some 2 hours.

When I took note of it, guess what… it was dirty again. The pigeon was happily cooling itself as if mocking me. "Kya ukhad liya saaf karke? "The birds had obviously not been averse to the clean vessel at all and they changed it to the way they liked it.

Birds!!! Birds could surprise you. Life could surprise you. What this also helps me understand that Nature barely needs us. We need her more than anything. Hope we clean our act before it gets too late.

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