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Don't buy books

I couldn't get a more sensational title than this. Haha. "Don't buy books" I would like to add "Don't buy books if you really want to read them." In all honesty, I really mean it and here is what I would like to share.

Firstly, this blog isn't about the fact that there is lack of space to keep books or that the books will spoil or that we won't read them again so why keep them. These are good points against buying books too but what I have to say is ... well... how can it be anything but philosophical?

This blog is about the fact that we don't read the books we buy. My hubby and I bought a parenting book. I have read this authors blog on parenting and was inclined to get the recommended book from the library.

Hubby said, "if this book is so good maybe we should buy it."

I said "ok"

He continued, "We can pass it to others when done."

"Ok. I'll order."

...and we bought it. I read few chapters of it. Priorities change but I reached chapter 12. More than midway. My hubby started the book too but ... anyway.

I like what I have read and credit the book to whatever decent parenting I do. My son still doesn't say thanks to strangers but I know we will get there. Anyway, coming back to the topic - the thing is I have completed 3 and half OTHER DIFFERENT books in between. As we go to the library every weekend, we are tempted to get books for ourselves. There were a lot of books on my wishlist when I was in college. I am finishing them now but the point is that we give less importance to the books we already have and finish the ones that have deadlines. Isn't it like taking the book for granted?

Husbands stop wooing their wife after a chase.

I see this behavior in satu too. He likes to play with the toys that the other kid is playing or that he has got from his friend for a day.

Why do we run after the project only when there is a deadline?


What is in our inbuilt system and how do we change this?

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