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Sad over Flowers withering (Monday muse)

Every time I see my rose bloom wither away, I feel very sad and bad. I hate to see the flower wither away and the hardest part is to cut the stem because it doesn’t bloom on the same stem twice.

With time, I am coming to understand that the new bloom appears right from where you have cut the stem. It always does!!! Small pink shoots come and with time, they become buds and then they bloom again. Sometimes more than 1!!! YAY!!!

It’s the cycle. There is no point in being sad when there is no bloom, it will come. It has to come. The plant needs time to get the new bloom na.. Chill, nourish the plant with fertilizers in the mean time and hope for the best.

The following is a pic from my balcony before marriage. Oh! my gaoti gulaab - How much I miss your pleasant smell.

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