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Trip to Chicago - Part 2 and few other things

Dearest ones,

I wasn't able to upload all the images and videos in the first one. Here are some new pics and videos from my trip. You will enjoy and understand them better if you have already seen the first one here. If not - here is the link.

On the first day, Thursday, The highlight of the trip was this small conservatory. Satu and I were amused and amazed. I felt so grateful for this trip. I had forgotten what it meant to see something new and laugh.

On the second day, on the cruise, here is a video of my sonny laughing as water splashes him. He didn't like the cruise but this was the highlight for him.

On the third day, in the zoo, the peculiar chicken that amused us... heheh here is a video of her.

The beach on Sunday. What a special and perfect evening. Here is a shot of the beach. Amazing how small it is.

I could watch this video every day.

and do this too

On Tuesday, at the Money museum - This is how money exchanges hands. The pink part is the consumer. Satu was thrilled to watch this.

Well, these are the videos I had that I hadn't learned to upload before. I am glad I could share it now. This is it. This is Chicago through my eyes. Hope you liked watching it as much as we loved visiting it.

Also, my birthday was overflowing with beautiful and heartfelt wishes and prayers. Thank you so much for that. I am here to offer some books to you that are really special to me.

This book "Greatest anthology written" is an official attempt to A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!! Do consider buying it.

Another special book which is very new and very special to my heart is this. It has a very sweet story from my 9 months of pregnancy.

Though there are many books that could provide a very good read (the whole list is here and here) but these are ... special.

Thank you, again for everything <3

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