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Learnings from bubbles, AGAIN :)

My son has now reached a stage where he can blow bubbles on his own. He wants me to sit near him and watch and appreciate his new skill but he can blow them and is very happy to do it on his own. While I sit and watch him -

dip the stick in the solution.

blow bubbles.


Dip the stick in the solution... obviously my mind wanders. Watching him dip the stick in the solution, reaffirms my need to take time out for meditation. Unless I take time to dip within myself, how will I perform or blow bubbles for a lack of better metaphor.

Recently, I had a lull for over 2 months and nothing was getting published. Two months look like a very short period but when I was in it, it felt like forever. Checking the mail account and seeing rejections everyday for some 60 - 70 days isn't the greatest feeling in the world. Now, all of a sudden, so many things are accepted and published, I am timing my announcements so the publications don't get lost.

One poem, "Dazed" got selected in this amazing anthology "Cadence". This is also a little more special as I have been tending to write stories more than poems now. Here is a list of all my published poems and details of Cadence here.

This also made me realize a very important thing -

Write as if stuff is getting published

because when they do,

you will have more stuff to publish.

So, keep doing what you do best <3

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