My son crossed a certain age and weight and started sitting in his front facing carseat. All 3 of us are very happy because of it. He loves seeing outside and pointing at the cranes, buses and his other favorite vehicles. What he does after seeing them - made me realize something.

After admiring the bus or the bridge, he always asks for "More?"

I wish I had it in my control to show and give him whatever he likes but sadly and obviously I don't... but this question has made me aware of my .... I don't want to admit it but... my own shortcoming. :(

When meditating - we always ask for more experiences and more good feelings like peace. Who are we to decide what's best for us.

Even in life - whatever comes - good or bad (different topic if it really iS BAD)- is based on our past karma and not on our desires. Hope this helps you as it is helping me accept life as it comes and ... Be in gratitude of whatever we get.

On this note - Hope you have a lovely weekend full of acceptance and gratitude ;)

#gratefullife #meditation

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