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Soft wins twice

So, my son again. I am afraid he is my only muse now. I was watching him blow bubbles again. There is one small issue though - He is still trying and he is yet to understand that one needs to be gentle and soft while blowing bubbles vs the pbbth that he does.

With him, I am also learning that being soft and gentle goes a long way. If I scold him for something - his ego lights up and he gets tempted to rebel. On the other hand, if I explain the same thing to him gently - well... Mostly he understands.

There is another re-affirmation that my toddler gave me. While cleaning up, he was probably tired or just playful - he took his toy and threw it in the storage container with all his strength.

The toy bounced back. Sou and I held back and didn't say anything to see what would happen.

Satu picked up the toy and threw it in the container again with full force.

The toy bounced again.

"Try gently" I suggested.

Again, he picked it up and threw it in the container again.

Mother nature was helping as the toy bounced back.

By this, Sou was tired, he picked the toy and put it gently inside.

Soft wins twice <3

Hope you have a lovely and a soft and gentle weekend.

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