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Pre-Employment screening/Corporate Analysis 


A pre-employment screening is done by most organizations in the form of referral checks of the candidate. Referral checks are acknowledged to have their limitations and cases of doctoring and tampering are not unheard of. A handwriting and signature analysis of the candidate is the simplest and safest way of accurately judging him/her without the candidate even being aware of it. Businesses ranging from independently-owned small businesses to Fortune 500 companies have found Handwriting Analysis more helpful and beneficial than psychological personality tests in both team-building and decision-making. Every hiring mistake can cost the company thousands while contributing to poor moral and negative feelings among employees. We can analyze loyalty, ambition, logic, concentration level, interpersonal skills and more. Hence this becomes an excellent method to pre-screen prospective employees at a fraction of the cost of personal interviews or other methods of psychological evaluation.

The analysis is useful to

  • Check the validity of resume and the candidate.

  • Analyze the inherent traits, motivating factors, sensitive issues of the candidate. It can also help to find the negative tendencies of the candidate.


Besides pre-employment screening, analysis can also help 

  • To check the validity of a Performance appraisal form or to help make a choice between 2 employees for a position.

  • To know if your employee is suited for a leadership position or can be groomed.

  • As an engagement activity during an event or as a paid service like counseling.


It can be used to place the right person in the right position and gain maximum efficiency from them.

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