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July 5, 2018

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Memory is such an interesting thing (Monday Muse)

June 18, 2018

Memory is such an interesting thing. It varies with different people. Some have an amazing memory. I know a few people who can remember what color dress I was wearing at what occasion. There are a few who forget if they have had dinner. Seriously!

 On my first day of BMS, we had a lecture on improving presentation skills. He also said something about memory. I don’t remember the name of the person, but he said that “You never forget things that you really really want to do, at least 95% of the times” It comes as a slight shock but if you are honest with yourself you will realize that it is true.  Freud and spirituality too say that there is no such thing as a slip of tongue. This is for a different post though.


Anyway, I think my memory is OKAY. I remember some instances from childhood but recently it is AAAGH. Ok coming to the point where I was saying that memory is interesting. I downloaded a season of MAD ABOUT YOU to watch. I was so glad that I couldn’t remember most of the stuff. I had forgotten how funny it used to be. I laughed myself silly to tears and enjoyed every moment of having a selective bad memory.


(The posts on Monday's are a part of Monday Muse - an edited version from my old blog - Approx 10 years ago.)

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