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Writing stories takes a lot of hard work, time and patience. Currently. it is not the easiest thing for me but there are some ideas that demand attention and have to be expressed. Here are a few of my short stories following which is a list of all my published fiction.

The angel with four legs

My son, Pachu hadn’t been back from school for over 15 minutes, which was very unlike him and I was worried. Just as I decided to go out and see if I could figure out the reason for this, he came running towards the gates of our compound and seemed relieved to see me. He had a slightly scraped elbow and his bag looked dirty. He looked as if he had cried sometime back on the way but was acting brave for his mom. Worried, I bent down to hug him. “Can I take biscuits for the dog?” he said against my chest.

Although I was worried about the cause of the scraped elbow, I couldn’t help but laugh at this un-timely request. You see, everyone in my family knows that my sweet kid doesn’t like dogs. I took him in the house and told him that I would give the food for the dog after he would tell me what had happened.

How they kept Love alive

I studied her as she waved goodbye. She was standing on the couch so he could get a better view of her through the glass pane. Her protruding belly, almost touching the window.

After a huge grin, there was a sense of relief on her face. I found it strange. Why was she alleviated to see her husband go to work? The relief turned to a pleasant smile as she left the window to get to her unending chores. She saw me looking at her with questions in my eyes and asked "What are you wondering" If I understand properly, there was a slight tension on her face before the relief, so yes, it was relief. But why the tension?

The Interesting Story of the Slippers

I am the vehicle of the poor and the vacationing comfort of the rich. Amusingly, I didn't fall in either of the categories. I landed on the soft feet of a very gentle and wise man. He used me with care inside the house. His wife was a neat freak and didn't allow me outside the house, ever. Their house was my whole world, I don't know what the outside held for me but I wanted to feel the tickle of the green grass, the cold of the asphalt or so many textures and feelings that I didn't even know existed. Other than this complaint, life was comfortable. He used me with care. I was the first thing he looked for after coming home. He had many shoes and boots for outside wear but I was the only one he wore indoors.

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The Collaborative's Omnibus


Short story “And He replied” about my conversation with Him and how He actually replied and strengthened my faith and “The waste of it all” a flash fiction about the waste of being angry, published in an International anthology “SOUL”

It is for charity and you may love to buy it

Memoirs of Love

Short love story “Mr Boring” about a lady realizing the true dedication of love by looking at a hawker. Published with some really amazing writers in the anthology called “Memoirs of Love”

Culture Cult


A Flash fiction “A good impression” is also published in the summer issue of culture cult. It is hopefully inspiring and might connect with some of you. Amazing writers in the anthology called “Memoirs of Love”

Unofficial: Meri Kahani

Short story “The unaccepted present” about a lady who gets to correct a wrong of hurting the sentiments of her friend. Published in the much awaited anthology called “Meri Kahani”  by Lab Academia books.


Honored to have my story selected by them

Rejected Lit

Poetry and prose that doesn't fit in is welcomed in the Rejected Lit. I find the concept so amazing. I sent one of my old Prose here.


Short story "What is success" published by SmartyPants publishing in this mixed anthology. It has diligent work of dozens of talented authors (honored and lucky to be one of them)

My story is about a boy failing for the first time in his life and not sure of ways to deal with it.

The fathom mag

Short memoir "Unguarded words" published by The Fathom mag. It explores the depth of scripture and encourages curiousity 

My story is about regretting the words we speak.

Perspective Magazine

Short story "The slippers Desire" republished by Perspective Magazine.

The story is an autobiography of the slippers.


Her Story

Short story "I (Almost) Called 911 To Open a Jar" published in Her Story. A place, empowering women through storytelling

The story is about the time I almost called 911 to open a jar.

Surviving Pregnancy

Short story "Don't tell your mom" to published here with other mommy writers.



Rigorous is an online journal highlighting the works of authors, artists, critics, and educators of color. My story "Things my parent's don't know" is published here. This is a completely fictional piece written from imagination and about imagination. 


Reminiscing Summer

Short story "Unsatisfactory alms" published here with other stories about summer.


Christmas in July

Short story "Don't stop believing" published here with other stories about Christmas and the power of it.

Potrait of New England

Short story "Making a new home" published here in this literary magazine capturing the essence of New England.

The story is about me finally feeling at home in America which is physically cold but emotionally warm

Flash Fiction

Eagerly waiting

Flash fiction "Eagerly waiting," I wrote after a long time published here in the site for writers who can cram an entire story into 100 words.


The last thing I loved - Gorgeous black hair

True story "How I fell in love with my hair" published here with other stories in the series "The last thing I loved"


My first publication on Medium. A story about my hair changing in texture and style after pregnancy and still not back to its original but...


Just go as you are.

Short story "Just go as you are" published here. The story is about my journey of losing weight thanks to this lovely baby group.


Reflection time

Short story "Reflection time" published in 45 Magazine (45 Mag) A literary journal containing women’s stories in conjunction with creative writing, visual art, informative articles, book reviews, entrepreneurial advice, and more.

Story is of the time I volunteered at a summer camp for underprivileged children and learned that we can learn from unexpected sources.


Accept and change

Short story "Accept and change" published here. I sent a 2 minute video recording of me reading an excerpt of the story for their launch. Such a gr8 feeling. Hope you choose your own motherhood.

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