The waiting room

I came in the room crying

with shock of the sublime.

The doctor would meet me

when he thought it was the ideal time.


As I grew up,
I understood where I was

It wasn't really a bad place,

More like a play between the pause.

I met many a nice people

waiting with me here

Since I had the time,

I exchanged smiles and tears.


Not all whom I met were kind

Elders told me to try heal their tear.

I saw many people leave me

as the doctor called them near.


I liked one person in particular

I spent most of my time with him,

Together, we added a few new members
but the chances of meeting the doctor were still slim.

Finally came my turn and as surprised as I could be

I already felt pretty healed

and wasn't quite wanting to go

but everyone must as destined.



Originally published and available here

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