I have been writing my diary for as long as I can remember. It was, and still is private. I used to record my few daily activities and some thoughts and feelings. I don’t remember the reason now but my mom did not give me a pen. I didn’t want to use a pencil, but I found a refill somewhere and used to write with it. This is all I remember.

I don’t remember why I started the blog but I wanted to share something. I was a teenager at that time, and I wrote about my college life, my rants, etc. Slowly, as I grew, so did the blog.

Something made me write professionally, and before I knew it, I became part of anthologies and got over a dozen poems published.

Now, I feel delighted to see my name in Print. It feels ‘wow'!.  I enjoy writing and simply love being published. Writing gives me a sense of lightness. A sense of peace that one can feel after a purpose being fulfilled. I have realized that all I need to do is start. Until I begin, I wonder what and how to write. Once I start, the situation, the responses come on their own.


Write, and it becomes! Just like I became a part of an anthology for the Guinness World Records

Here is a list of few of my published                                                                    

My latest work project is 51 Stories of US. Some information can be found here.

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