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Here are a few of my articles. I experiment with them often but don't feel very qualified to write them. The day I had an article published in The Hindu was a red-letter day of my life. I was amazed at the mails that came my way and the love and support it brought me. Following which is a list of all my articles.

How to be in front of your Boss – Lessons from Ravan from Ramayan.

Many of us believe Ravan to be evil but very few know that He was a very wise and learned man. He not only had mastered the vedas and had also earned many powers by meditation. Spirituality says that we must only look at the positive and ignore the negative and by not giving the negative any energy, it tends to fall off.


Hence, lets look at some points that we can learn from Ravan. When Ravan goes to Mareech for assistance in abducting Sita, he teaches us many lessons as to how to be in front of your boss. Practice these and you are sure to have a better relation with your boss.

How to Remain Confident about your Art Work?

The following article is dedicated to all the various artists who are trying to strive and make some name in the world full of self interest vested people or morons.

I was looking at an accomplished photographer’s pictures on Facebook recently and wondering what was so special about his pictures that I didn’t click? This thought kept pricking me with every new photo of his that I saw. There was a stage in life when I too wanted to be a photographer. I had sent pics to national Geographic and other contests that I found online. Nothing got published anywhere but in my Picasa album.

The idea of India, from Connecticut

A bus driver in Connecticut told me recently he wanted to rescue India from the cow. I had to stop whatever I was doing and request him to explain. His level of understanding of the problems that face India, his seeming seriousness of purpose to do something about it, and his power of articulation, were impressive indeed. Here is some background.

My husband and I shifted from India to the United States (to Connecticut) in November 2014. We don’t have a car yet, so we mostly rely on the bus and the kindness of people we have met here.

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HR Zone

Article as the name suggests "How to be a good leader"

Life Purpose matters

Article "Life comes a full circle" published in "Life Purpose matters" The article is about doing the things we are fearful of.

Trish Hopkinson's site

This has been another amazing day to have been published by Trish. Anyone who wants to get published, follows her. Having article "Creativity needs Peace" published in her site was a long wait but also a special feeling.

Indian Mom's connect

Article "Letter to Mumbai" was published on my blog. It was republished on the famous group that every NRI mom goes to. The article is about how much I miss Mumbai.

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