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I am still unsure if I have a "type" in writing poems. I know I mostly feel like writing when something disturbs my equilibrium. It could be good or bad. Intense emotions become poems. Here are a few of my favorite poems. Following which is a list of all my poetry publications.

The store is out

of raw broken cashews

which my mom always used.


I continued her tradition

even after moving to America

but Diwali is coming


my son desires

the diamond-shaped sweets.


My hubby purchased

the next best thing­—

raw whole cashews.


Though they cost just a dollar more

they’ve been sitting in the pantry

for, try as I might,


I can't seem to crush them.

without caring for the actual peach

we’d wait for Ma 

to break open the seed


she'd place it in her copper mortar 

and pound it with the pestle.

Chutki, Dad, and I


surrounded her

like vultures, as she’d beg

for elbow room


if the pit of the peach

pried open, with the tiny almond 

unbroken, she'd strike the pestle again


to divide the prize evenly

but none of us ever

gave her a share

Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 3.11_edited.jpg

eagerly awaited


fireworks start at night

absolutely mesmerizing

                           but in a flash

they were gone


although                they brought us joy

I missed them                            terribly


when the smoke

                                          floated away

i looked down                from the sky

   to the trees                      in the dark

majestic and tall

                                a small leftover spark


another flash there

silent                              flickering in joy


ah, fireflies                 

                                 at work since twilight

I don't like empty vases populating my tiny house

but after uploading my listing of the car

I came across a blue Ming vase.

Not with its usual angry dragons

or homes that don’t tell a story

but lotus buds in white

over a base of soft cobalt

and meandering leafy stems

interspersed with occasional ears of millet

between bands of upright and pendent trefoils,

covered overall in a thick unctuous glaze.

I was sold. I sent an offer 

which was accepted

in eleven minutes

and I found myself

in the car driving

the sixteen miles.

It came with a spider

who didn't respect vases.

Alaska Women Speak


Poem “the flower” captures the tender innocence of childhood and the beauty found in simple gestures. The flower symbolizes purity, beauty, and the fleeting nature of life itself.

Alaska Women Speak is a journal devoted to the expression of ideas, literature, and art.

 Roanoke Rambler

Poem “The house is Soundless” depicts a scene of solitude and reflection in the aftermath of a relationship or a loss.

RR is a local, investigative and literary newsletter and website based in Roanoke, Virginia.

Heartland Society of Women Writers

Poem “The Label” reflects on the speaker's experiences of being labeled and confined by societal norms and expectations, starting from a very young age.


HSWW is known for creating an inclusive writing space for all women.

Alaska Women Speak


Poem “Container of Love” is for my mother and describes how the mother tends to the needs of both the poet and the newborn baby, offering emotional support, physical care, and assistance with daily tasks. 

Alaska Women Speak is a journal devoted to the expression of ideas, literature, and art.

In Parenthesis

Poem “Wasn't born like this” conveys a sense of struggle, frustration, and exhaustion experienced by the speaker, dedicated to MF DOOM, a renowned rapper known for his intricate wordplay and masked persona.


It is a place where works of great artists, thinkers, and critics come together in the form of a literary magazine and community.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 3.45.44 PM.png


Coming soon

 Poetic Melodies


Poem “Music in the house” about various sounds in the house is published here. The poem tries to tell how  sounds become music if there is love.


I am so happy to be a part of this as it has an amazing collection of many international writers.

The sales from this book go to Starving Artists Fund.

 Life as it happens

Poem “I lost her somewhere” in anthology “Life as it happens” The poem is about a women realizing the loss of the girl she once was.

It has 105 poets, can you imagine what a treat that is?



Poem "Biswasjogyo" published in this online magazine.

I believe this is my finest poem. The poem is about us believing in everything we read

 Poetry 4 our Planet


Poem “Watching wings” published here which talks about a bird drinking water in my balcony.


I am so happy to be a part of this project and hope to write poems and stories that can be part of something so huge.

 Dear Anonymous

 Poem “To the workaholic” is published by Sea Green Zines. The poem is a letter to workaholics everywhere.

 Woman's Era


 Poem I fell in love published in the January 2015 issue of Women’s era. The poem is about my encounter with a squirrel.

Woman's Era is one of the reputed magazines in India.



Poem published in the inaugural issue of Afflatus. it is based in the Philippines and some of the proceeds will go to a family support group in Philippine General Hospital during Christmas.


I am happy to be a part of this project.

 Woman's Era


Poem “I can’t wait” published in the July (second) issue of Woman's era It is about my 9-monthwait to meet my little monkey.


Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 4.38.52 PM.png

 Writer's Ezine


Poem “Hope” published in this Ezine which encourages new poets. This is one of my very first poems and getting it published gives so much hope and encouragement. The poem, as the name suggests, is about hope.


 Prachya Review


Poem “I let it fly away" published with some really talented poets. The poem was published in the issue themed "Loss"

Very honored to be part of this "must read" journal.

Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 4.35.11 PM.png

 Silver Birch Press

Poem “I like it here" published in this monthly themed press.


My first international publication, What makes it so rewarding is that I had to rework on it thrice. It has made me appreciate the quality standard of the publication house and it also feels so good to know that they are willing to work with you and are ensuring that only the best from you is published.

 Silver Birch Press


Poem “The naming ceremony” published with Silver Birch press again.

The poem is about my name and how it came to existence. This was a themed issue about names and their history.

 Writing Raw


Poem “What will happen next?” about uncertainty in life is published here. The poem expresses mild form of fear because of uncertainty.


Writing Raw encourages young and new poets too.

 The Criterion Journal


Poem “Alone” published in the reputed bimonthly, peer reviewed international journal. The poem is about the feeling of loneliness after marriage


I am honored  to be a part of this prestigious journal

 Women's Era


Poem “What have we done?” published here again. Poem is about patriotism and the love and sense of responsibility a child feels for her mother.

 Culture Cult


Poem “Waiting in anticipation” which I had conceived while traveling by train and waiting for something. (Read in poem) It is one of the most spontaneous poems I have written. It is a funny read for sure. You will surely read it twice.


Female First


Poem “The wall” published in the reputed Female first.  This is one of my best poems and I wish to make a book of such meaningful and thought-provoking poems


Female First is one of the top media sites of UK and obviously, it felt wow to see my work published here.

The Big book of Poetry


Two poem “Behind the clouds” and "Few days in Heaven" published in here. The poem "Behind the cloudsr" was written when I realized how impatient I can be.


"TBBOP" is my first collaboration with Anthology House Publishing. Hope to have more work published with them soon.

A Room of our own.


Poem “An Indian Woman” published here is on my perspective of an Indian woman.


A Room of Our Own: An Anthology of Feminist & Womanist Writing is a collection of essays, poetry, and short stories written by women.

Rhymes and Rhythm


Two poems “Heaven" and "The waiting room" published in here. The poem "Heaven" are my questions about Heaven.


The publishing house "First Step Publishing" is growing and distributing globally which makes it an honor to work with them.

The weekly Avocet


Poem “Fireworks" published in the reputed weekly journal of poetry - Issue247. This poem was written on 4th of July after seeing the amazing fireworks near home.


The weekly Avocet is a journal that sends poetry on nature every sunday morning - making it a leisure read every weekend.

Ek Sehar ummid bhari


Poem "The real problem" is published in this dual anthology of hindi and english poets. My friend who isn't very thin expressed her issues with marriage and fat. I was devastated to realize how body centric the world can be. This poem was written with the hope of reaching out to her.

 Woman's Era


Poem “Love in the house” published in the October (second) issue of Woman's era It is about all the noises in the house - with love they become like music.


Within Darkness and Light

One of my poems "Light" is published here. All proceeds are for a leading UK mental health charity.

The weekly Avocet


Poem “Kismet" published in the reputed weekly journal of poetry - Issue 258. This poem is about how we are to go back to the source.


The weekly Avocet is a journal that sends poetry on nature every Sunday morning - making it a leisure read every weekend.

Don't give up world


Poem “But don't give up" published in the much awaited anthology by Pulmis.


Love at first sight


Poem "My baby" published in the much awaited anthology.


This I know...


Poem “The blissful leaf" published in this anthology of prose and poems.

The poem is about the leaf knowing that it is attached to the tree and no matter what happens, till it is attached - nothing can harm it.

Fragrance of Asia


Poem “Being Love" published in this anthology of poems by selected poets from Asia.

The poem is about my interpretation of moving and transforming from ego to love.

Pure Slush


Poem “I can't decide" published in this anthology of poems on Happiness.

The poem is overloaded with cuteness of motherhood.

Whispering Poiesis


Poem "My son hasn't come home yet" published in Whispering Poiesis - A labor of lot of love by Mr. Gopakumar Radhakrishnan.

The poem is about a mother's worries of her son.

The wild word


Poem "Again" published in this online magazine.

The poem subtly touches the topic of aging and dying in the pretext of trees

Dear Anonymous


Poem published in this magazine all the way from Australia.


The angry poem depicts my thoughts on customer service.

After the pause


Poem "Rationalizing" published in this wonderful journal of poetry, flash fiction and art.


The poem is ... read and find for yourself.


Cecile’s Writers' 


Poem "Nostalgia" published where intercultural writers are offered an unique opportunity to publish their work and share it with the world which makes it wonderful place to publish.


The poem as the name suggests is about - Nostalgia.

Poetry Super Highway

Poem "Pained" published in this wonderful site of poetry. Absolutely honored to be part of 20th Annual Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) Poetry Issue.

The poem is an expression of a question that has been bothering me for a long time.

Our Poetry Archive

Poem "Apraadh", "The repetitive thief" and "Dreams" published in this monthly journal of poetry in the June 2018 issue. 

Apraadh expresses my thoughts after killing. The repetitive thief is about my thoughts on regrets and Dreams is about dreams.


Spank the Carp

Poem "It isn't about the cookie" is published with issue 52 of "Spank the Carp"

Poem is my angst with my authority as a mother.

Further Within Darkness & Light

Poem "What does it mean to be a human" is published in this collection of poetry which gives all its proceeds to charity.  

The poem as the name suggests are my thoughts on being a human. 

Beyond Borders

Poem "To Child", "I know" and "In His bubble" published in this spiritual anthology of poetry in the July 2018 

These poems have mostly come to me after my meditation and are spiritual in nature.


Poem "Dazed" was published in The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Poetry Anthology 2018

Poem is about a question to the modern world.


Aquillrelle's anthologies

Poem "Behind the clouds" republished in this anthology with the sub-title "Selecting the best" 

The poem is about me waiting for the sun. 

raving press.jpg

Poets facing the wall

Poem "Myopia of belonging" published here along with other poets opposing the current political scenario


I am strength

Poem "Ode to the peaks" coming here soon

Coming soon

Minute Magazine

Poem "In control" published in Minute Magazine. An online, nonprofit literary & art publication dedicated to examining life under the microscope.

The poem is about my struggle for waking up early.



Fourth and Sycamore

Poem "Faces in the carpet" and "Choosing memories" published in the literary journal of Greenville Public Library - Fourth and Sycamore.

"Faces in the carpet" is about just another day of motherhood.and "Choosing memories" is about my dad.


Subterranean Blue Poetry 

Poem "Choti" published in this beautiful online journal here. 

A much awaited release called "Choti" was written when my sister was planning a visit last year.


Politics letters Live

Poem "I met my past" published as the Feature of the month here.

The fictional poem in the form of a story is about a girl seeing her Ex  


100 Thousand Poets for Change

Poem "Ju$t D1$$1m1l@r" published in the September issue of 100TPC. It is an international grassroots educational, non-profit organization focusing on poetrymusic, and the literary arts

This poem was inspired from Swami Vivekananda's speech and is dedicated to him. 


The writers and readers 

Poem "The secret rose" published in the January issue of "The writers and readers magazine." My first publication of 2020.


This poem is about my first crush. 

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