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Graphology is a tool to understand yourself and the world around you BETTER. Graphology is often mistaken to be handwriting analysis; In fact handwriting analysis is just one of the aspects of Graphology. Simply put, Graphology is anything done on paper with pen. It can be a circle instead of the harmless “i” dot, a scribble, a doodle your signature or just the way you write the safe looking numbers, In Graphology, everything has its own significance and meaning.

Graphology includes

  • Handwriting analysis

  • Signature Analysis

  • Drawing analysis

  • Number Analysis

Handwriting is also called "Brainwriting" simply because it is a remarkable reflection of our personal styles and our patterns of behaviour.  We write with the pen which is in the control of the muscles of our thumb and fingers and our limbs which also happen to occupy a huge space in our mind. Each vibration of movement is unconsciously directed by the mind which helps us judge the mental state of the writer. It is a guide to the will power, intellect and emotions of a person


Graphology is not magical, nor can it tell one of his/her future. However, one’s handwriting is an expression of one’s entire personality and a skilled and trained graphologist can analyze it to reveal inherent traits and characteristics, both known as well as unknown to an individual. This knowledge can help you form or enhance the future you want.

The genesis of Graphology can be traced to over 2000 years ago when Aristotle noticed the correlation between handwriting and personality. Today, a simple search in Google yields about 2 million results about handwriting analysis. That is hardly a surprise, considering that handwriting analysis is now one of the most widely used tools for character analysis all over the world. Graphology is used extensively in Europe, particularly France, where 90% of all recruiters turn to handwriting analysis to choose the most compatible and suitable candidates. In India, this tool is one of the fastest gaining trends in Human Resources. Many employers are discovering and accepting the invaluable contribution of handwriting analysis in their selection process; it is helping them evaluate the applicant's personality accurately against the job description.

For the individual, besides helping one choose a compatible job profile and career path, handwriting analysis proves very helpful in self-discovery and better understanding of one’s behavior and conduct with loved ones and the wider world. Following are some of the comments I get. 

"You are reading me like a book!"

"Whom have you been talking to? How do you know this?"

"This makes sense!!!"

I normally get a lot of nodding, a lot of smiles and a few tears of self realization. The story revealed by a page of handwriting tells more about your personality including the habits that you may not realize you have. This understanding is often the first step in molding yourself into a better and more successful human being. Please visit the in-depth page to understand how graphology can be useful.

The bottom line is that handwriting analysis is based on scientific principles. It works and can help you to understand yourself and the people around you better through your handwriting. When you have a better understanding about yourself and those around you, you can make improvements and have a successful future ahead.

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