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Hidden Roses (Monday Muse)

Some 10 years back, when I was starting to learn about gardening - My rose plant hadn’t given a single bloom since Diwali. I looked at it longingly almost every other day. One morning, while I was watering it, I looked at the leaves again. There was a strong breeze which made the plant dance and all of a sudden I saw a bud. The bud was about to open but I never saw it for so many was covered by a leaf and was about to bloom without me having a single clue.

It felt so good. There are some bits of happiness that simply seem absent and it takes something to move you and see it. Good things can be present without you being aware about it.

I have been realizing this now, that there are a lot of people who do read my blog and do follow me and bless me and pray for me like the way I pray for them but they are here without me having any clue about this.

They don’t comment, (I don’t know why though) but I am sure that they are smiling when they are reading this.

Thank you for being there <3

Lots of love to all of you. <3

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