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How to be in front of your Boss – Lessons from Ravan from Ramayan.


Many of us believe Ravan to be evil but very few know that He was a very wise and learned man. He not only had mastered the vedas and had also earned many powers by meditation. Spirituality says that we must only look at the positive and ignore the negative and by not giving the negative any energy, it tends to fall off.


Hence, lets look at some points that we can learn from Ravan. When Ravan goes to Mareech for assistance in abducting Sita, he teaches us many lessons as to how to be in front of your boss. Practice these and you are sure to have a better relation with your boss.


When I look back, I wish I had known these points earlier. I hope it isn't too late for you.


  • Raavan interupts Mareech's meditation – Your boss can come and visit you anytime. You might find it as a disturbance, but in actuality, he has some work for you and if your boss comes to you and thinks that you can do some work, it only means good news. Welcome him, greet him, get up from your seat and let him sit. This is a sign of respect which must be given. If he doesn't accept your offer, don't remain seated, stand up and take orders.


  • Mareech asks him the reason - He has come all the way to you. There surely must be some reason. If he does small talk, ask him politely “You must have left your work for something important, please share” Such statements show your respect for him and will help you too get back to your work.


  • Request is actually command – There are many bosses who request, but please understand, their request is always command and commands are to be followed promptly. When Mareech objects to the plan of abduction of Sita, Raavan tells him that he is actually disobeying an order and also the following point.


  • Advice only when asked growled Ravan, as otherwise, it can have unwanting repercussions. Also, and I quote - “when you do advice, do it with humility and folded hands” Though there us no need for folded hands, but remember to be humble in front of him.


  • Words – Words matter too as much as the actions and tone of your voice does. Use pliant and pleasant words. Don't over react.


  • Be supportive – Mareech didn't have an option of not being supportive. Raavan threatened to kill him. If he was supportive, Lord Ram would have killed him. He chose the later. If you are in a controversial situation, even if you really don't like your boss's behavior, it is better to support him. Make your boss look good. Realize that their success is your success.


  • Boss is always right – As goes the very famous adage, they are and always will be right. They have more experience than you. Trust it.


Please remember, They too are human beings. They too have their goals in life and they have gone through the same milestones you are going, they surely can understand when you butter them up or are a good worker. Whatever be the case, Hard work and talent can never go unnoticed. Be true to your work and you will rise the ladder.


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