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The Interesting Story of the Slippers

I am the vehicle of the poor and the vacationing comfort of the rich. Amusingly, I didn't fall in either of the categories. I landed on the soft feet of a very gentle and wise man. He used me with care inside the house. His wife was a neat freak and didn't allow me outside the house, ever. Their house was my whole world, I don't know what the outside held for me but I wanted to feel the tickle of the green grass, the cold of the asphalt or so many textures and feelings that I didn't even know existed. Other than this complaint, life was comfortable. He used me with care. I was the first thing he looked for after coming home. He had many shoes and boots for outside wear but I was the only one he wore indoors.


One day, something terrible happened. It was a Wednesday I will never forget. It started as routine but in the evening, He broke me. It was so sudden that I hurt. He almost stumbled too. That was the worst day of my life. As gently as he had used me, he kept me on the side of the door. For three days, I patiently sat. He looked at me but didn't touch me. He used his socks instead of me. This was going to be the end of me or so I thought. Thankfully, on the weekend, he took me to the cobbler. and got me repaired. I thought he was going to throw me away but I got my life back. He used me as lovingly as ever and I was glad.


Good things don't last long and well, just after a few weeks, I broke again. It didn't hurt as much as it had the first time but I realized that my joints were old now.

"Just throw them away and get new ones" reprimanded his wife.

He thought it was a good option too as it took a lot of his time and effort to repair me. I was sad. I didn't know what to do or say to her. I was very angry. I don't think that she ever liked me.


He kept me at the bottom of their shoe cabinet. I don't think that he was ready to let me go. Maybe he would repair me again. I stayed in the darkness for a long time, unaware of the days changing outside. I don't know how he was surviving without me but It was a difficult time for me. There were others to talk to but they all had the same story and wanted to roam around. There was one respite. Many of them have been outside the door. Though they were miserable as me for not being used, they told me interesting stories of the world outside. Few had been in the car and driven with him. Some had been to his office and told me of the friends they made there. A few told me horror stories of poop and spit. Everything about the outside fascinated me and I prayed for a way out of this darkness.

One day, there was a party. Though they lived in a very clean
house but his wife took extra care when there were people over. I saw him keep another set of slippers in the cabinet and take out his party boots. I saw the new slippers. They weren't gray and blue like me, they were black in color with something written in green. They were thicker than me and seemed more comfortable. I had never been so jealous in my life. The new ones stayed in the cabinet for the full night. The new slipper seemed nice and by the end of the night, I had forgotten that they were my replacements. I was glad that he was comfortable but what was going to happen to me?


In the morning, she saw me.

Disgusted, she asked him "Why are your old slippers still here. Didn't you buy new ones?"


"I thought that I could repair them and keep it for some guests"

"What guests? We are leaving this house in a few days."

It seems that it was their farewell party. They were to leave this house. I used to be aware of the things happening in his life when I was with him but now, this was so sudden. Without any good bye or any time to prepare, he picked me and kept me out of the door. She looked pleased. She looked at me and said "May it go to someone in need"

I had never been so miserable. I just sat there on the road outside their house. There was no fan outside and the sun kept rising. I didn't believe it was possible to be rescued as her prayer suggested. I stayed there
till afternoon but it did happen. A homeless guy was wandering through the road and saw me outside the house. He picked me up with joy. He saw that I was broken but the joy didn't leave his face. He kept me in his cotton bag and turned around and walked.


It just so happened that he had asked the cobbler for some slippers. Sadly the kind cobbler didn't have any to spare but he told the poor man that if he could get a slipper that could be repaired, he would do it for free. Just after that, he saw me and ... well I am glad that her intention worked.


I didn't believe in intentions working but I am so glad that it worked and well, I am so grateful for this man, I am now seeing and going places. I like my life again. It is a welcome change from the darkness. Though I wish he didn't walk so much, I like the fresh air and the warm sun and the new things I see.


Originially published here

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