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These are most of the testimonials that I have received since 2009. I can assure you that they are absolutely honest but the proof of the pudding is in eating it, Hence do get your Handright analysis today (TM)

It helps

It helps u analyse people while selecting them and also helps in trying
to help existing employees by providing the accurate training and
development... moreover it can also help in designing motivation
schemes.. Very Nice.

Manu Sachdeva

Sachdeva Automobiles

Fast and Correct

wow u r so fast.
as my writing is very bad, I thought it will take good time for analysis.
thats very nice analysis .... very close ....

Aniruddh J

Rajasthan, India

You have helped us in building an excellent team.


Rajesh Seth

Vinay Enterprises

Impressed !

I was really impressed with the information you could provide from the signature. I still somehow can’t believe that a signature can be linked with personal history.

Pradeep Java

Tokheim India Private Ltd

It has helped me choose my career. Thank you mam, i have clarity and confidence to live. it is a beautiful feeling. i don't know how to say it but i am glad to have met you.

thank you for removing time from your schedule. i wish i could tell the whole world about the benefits they can receive. u seem to have something for everyone. all i can say is thank you. I will stay in touch and i hope u do too. will pray for u mam.


Bhavin Shah

All i can say is thanks

When i was thinking of getting my handwriting analysed by sunayna few of my friends advised that it would be a wastage of my time as well as money since every one knows about himself. But i decided to go for it since i was eager to know what it is?

The time she was analysing my handwriting i was analysing her. She was among the few ladies i have met in my life having with such a great personality and clarity.

75% of the things which she told was right and rest of the things i might be true which i ay relaise later on.

A good tool for personality imporvement and carrier selection.

Thanks a lot sunayna for the effort and wish you all the very best.

Abu Mohamid

Abu Mohamid

It was very interesting. i dont know how she did it? It seems like magic to me. She told me that i suffer from back ache. My signature tells about things like this.. WOW

IT IS IMPRESSIVE. Thank You. Wonderful to have met you.


Dr. Ameet Thakkar

Wellness clinic

I started to write about myself, and did 3 signatures below that.
I turned my paper towards sunayna, she read carefully. Marked circles, under lines.
I really don’t know what she marked, but I was sure that she marked me in my writing....
It was co incidence that i met her that day and in the process i met myself too.. After little chit chat she described my personally & my likings, Sunayna told me how is my life.
That day what sunayna told me that I kept in mind, and really i feel the change in my view. Why view?? Because its imp that how u look at your life, your job & your relations.
Sunayna is the most multi-talented girl I ever met.


Yogesh dhoke

IT Professional, Morgan Stanley.

The result of the signature analysis is quite true and Sunayna is too quick. Within 10minutes, she analysed my signature and sent me her analysis. I am confident about 95% of the things right now. For the remaining 5% of the things, I think I will have to retrospect.

Great work Sunayna!!!


Tanuja Kelkar

Get Introduced To Yourself

How much can your scribbled name and a signature tell you about yourself? I was skeptical but not after getting my signature analyzed by Ms Navani.

Her analysis is extremely accurate and objective. In 8-9 simply worded sentences, my pros and cons were put forth me and I couldn't help agree with all of them.

Knowing yourself is the first step towards self improvement. Getting yourself analyzed by her can be a definitive step towards that.


Aishwerya Rastogi

Finance Professional

For a person who has never met me, to tell me so much about myself, with just 3 pages I wrote, I think it is a great skill.
The aspects she told me, got me thinking and introspecting at a deeper level.

Thank you Sunayna


Syamanthaka Balakrishnan

Good Tool

When first Sunayna told me about this course, I was bit apprehensive on how anyone can tell you about yourself just based on your writing.

Few months later she completed the course & informed me about her findings, to this i thought let’s try & asked her to analyze my signature.

I was amazed to see the predictions. Few things that she told were truly unbelievable. It was personal enough that even I never thought it ever.

I strongly feel that one must use the services offered by Sunayna, I am now planning to do handwriting analysis from her.

A great tool which can be used for Recruitment, Campus Selection, Admissions & even knowing oneself.

Nihit Jain

HR Generalist

Must Use Tool

I had availed her services of Graphology in April 2010 when i was heading the HR with US MNC in Mumbai.

We were filling up the key position in supply chain vertical and we were impressed by one candidate who had an impeccable credentials and his current role exactly matched with our requirements – hence all the interviewers including myself were very keen to have him on board asap.

Since the duration of interview was short and we were not able to xxxess his personality fully though he was very sound on the technical front.

At this juncture , we availed the services of Ms Sunayna Navani and result of the analysis was an eye opener for all of us. We cross checked on the suspected grey areas as highlighted by her report which was found to be true ! Hence the costly mistake of hiring a personnel with dubious character was avoided.

Strongly recommend her services of graphology which must be used one of the tools in decision making for the selection/recruitment of candidates by the organizations.


Rajat Joshi

HR Consultant/Trainer

Profuse thanks for a vivid and truthful analysis of my signature done so promptly. Your article has re-kindled my interest in seeking graphological guidance.



Rajesh Tanwar

Sr. VP HR & Admin, Jindal Power Ltd; Tamnar,Raigarh(CG)

i wrote the word you gave me about 5-6 times -  and that has a wow effect. This has an immediate positive for me. Thank you."

Brenda Ganwani

Dubai, UAE

I am feeling more relaxed now a days. It feels like being acknowledged and accepted.


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