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A letter, to my mind

You creature of stagnant habit,
Controlling everything is your illusion.
Changing things for comfort is your passion
You feel that you own things without confusion.
Triviality and perversity are your jollification.

Frivolous you are by nature.
Why do you think of stupid things?

What is it that you are wanting?

Anger keeps you self-destructing.
Senselessness is your patterning.
Why do you have zero tolerance?
Focusing is never your concern,
Helplessly, you are a slave to temptation,
Selfishly busy with silly questions,
Wise, but lost in the application.


Why can’t you let the heart guide you?
When will you stop planning and start living?
Why can’t you let go of the past and be loving?
Why do you worry about the things you can’t be changing?
Sigh! Only hope I see is in praying!



Originally published here

Also reprinted here

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