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On poetry

I have had a bad spell and nothing has been published or selected anywhere in a long time. It affected my confidence in my ideas and and I ended up wasting a lot of time. I think I am out of it but please keep me in your prayers.

Just like a rain shower on a parched earth feels tantalizing and refreshing but also makes you yearn for more - A small published poem after a long time, feels the same. Hence, here is a link to the poem. Cecile’s Writers Magazine offer intercultural writers a unique opportunity to publish their work and share it with the world which makes it wonderful place to publish. You will find their submission guidelines here.

I hope my journey on this see-saw inspires you to write. Poetry is a beautiful way to express yourself. If you haven't been published ever before - here is a wonderful opportunity.

Keep smiling.

Keep growing.

Keep sharing <3

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