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How long do you think you will live?


I had recently uploaded a picture of my son with fawns. One of my friends' asked me - how is it that I am still fascinated with these deers. It has been 6 months and more or less - I see them everyday. My honest reply was that I know I will move out of this house in few years. Maybe not soon but I know we will move. So, I know I might not get to see these peace loving gentle creatures ever again. How can I not get fascinated with them?

This answer also made me think - how long do you think you are going to stay on earth? Don't you feel that everything we feel or see is fascinating?

On a similar note, You might have seen my FB update. My middle finger got a deep cut and today, I burnt my thumb and index finger. It is amazing how much we take things for granted. It is so difficult to do anything without fingers. We have so much to be grateful for.

Thank Him for your good health and beating heart today. There are many things that aren't to our liking but at least we are all alive and it is amazing. When was the last time when EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT in your life. Few, rare moments. I hope we all learn to embrace our little imperfections and be grateful for what we have.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and may you always find something to be grateful for.


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