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What language are you speaking?

Having an intercaste marriage, I get this question a lot - what Language are you teaching your kid. My honest reply is that I talk normally in my Mumbaiya Hindi and decent American English.

I have always believed in communicating from my heart rather than talking correctly. Having answered this, this post isn't really about the question on linguistics.

The post is about the following. I love the gibberish my son says. I know it isn't gibberish to him so when he says something seriously I try my best to stifle my smiles. In this process, I realized something - if I also talk like him, he will never learn the right way of talking. No matter how cute I may find the single syllable songs, I have to teach him the right way of talking by talking in the right way.

Similarly if someone is angry and talking harshly and if you talk to them angrily, they will never learn the right way of talking.

To teach someone love - you have to know, understand, realize and be love.

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