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Good V/s Bad

There is this funny thing about human nature which I am sure you too must have noticed. When we are in one situation we feel that it will remain the same always.

Summer was nice and exactly how it should be but a few days back - the weather changed dramatically and it had become cold. Since this will be our first experience with cold in DC, I asked around - Many people blamed global warming and said that winter must have come early. I removed all the jackets from their hibernation and used them for 9 days till the weather turned warm again. It is then that it struck me that the temperatures had dropped temporarily because of the storms (may everyone be in peace).

Isn't it funny how we assume that the bad times will stay forever even when the good times didn't. It is a bad quality of these bad times that they seem longer than they are.

On the other hand- it is we who judge times as good or bad without knowing the purpose, no?

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