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Overheard useful Life lesson

Thanks to a very dear friend, I have been able to go to the gym regularly-ish. There I overheard the trainer say - "Don't say you can't do it. Say that you are trying!" Something instantly clicked in my mind and joined one of my heart strings.

Don't say you can't do it. Say that you are trying!

While the first one is a definite end, the second one has hope. Let's go with hope.

The second lesson was taught to me by my critique friends. My writing has (and hopefully had) this one common flaw. I tell more and show less. Rather than narrating, I can use conversation and show the story. The more I am using this in my writing - The more logical it gets to me. I feel it also translates in life beautifully. Show your work more than tell about it.

Though the two lessons aren't related, Hope you are able to use them.

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