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Life and family keeps one busy and it takes a cut in the finger to make one sit, breathe and write.

So there I was, on early Tuesday morning, making parathas, and the ghee (that I got from India and kept in the refrigerator) was a little difficult to remove. So, using all my strength - I pulled the spoon and got a cut. It hurt a little but I didn't realize that it bled and thankfully it didn't touch the food but this is how it started - My index finger which is also my son's favorite finger to hold got a small but sharp cut. It hurt and unlike my son's small hurts, it didn't go away with a kiss. The dry cold added an extra zinger to the finger but also gave me enough realization and time to write.

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I know it is a cliché that we take many things for granted and our healthy body is really one of them. Honestly, we don't realize how much work our fingers do for us. One small cut and we have to be soooooo careful. I winced every time I gave him the finger to hold without realizing or anticipating the pain. I had to be careful while cleaning or eating too as it is the exact place where my spoon or fork would rest. Such a small cut but so much dis - ease.

On similar lines, one of my cousins is allergic to some simple foods and her body becomes all red and... let's not go there but I have seen her breakout and I felt a mix of pity, sad, guilty and grateful. Having stayed over 3 years in the US, I know how horrible allergies can be but seeing one of my loved ones go through something like this - makes me want to stop and analyze again. We take "being normal" so lightly. We really tend to forget what a blessing it is.

If you have a decent and healthy body (even if you are a few kgs extra like me) we should be so grateful and happy. Diet and make it what you feel you need it to be but don't forget to be grateful and happy for it. <3 Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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