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Poem inspired by New Amsterdam

Sometime, last September, Sou came home and told me that he saw an Ad in the metro and wanted to see a sitcom. We don't have a television set but he was keen. I asked him what was special. He said it has Anupam Kher in it and he wants to see the first episode at least. I told him that all sitcoms are addictive but let's see...

Now, More than a year later, I am hooked to New Amsterdam.

One of the reasons it connected with me and one of the major reasons that I am posting after soooo long is my hubby's ill health. Thankfully it is all in the past because of all your love and support. I have been able to write since last few months and a poem I wrote inspired by the last episode of "New Amsterdam" and my hubby's health.

So happy to see it published here

Degrees of Hopelessness

I’ve hopelessly waited

for many things in this life

like the elevator to come

and the light to turn green.

I waited behind a mother of six

at the checkout counter

with a small pack of cigs. I waited at the doctor's office and saw my patience thin. Waiting in the MRI machine

was boring and challenging but nothing in life prepared me

to wait for and the ambulance -

12 minutes away.

Artist statement

My hubby hasn't been keeping well and we have hopelessly waited for a lot of things. It has been over a year that he is battling an undiagnosed disease. We have been hopelessly waiting for a few things since then, but the main idea of this poem came to me after watching the last episode of "New Amsterdam" where Max has to wait for the ambulance for 12 minutes.

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